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Version 2.0.0 | Updated July 26, 2023 | Size 293KiB | Language English

Quickly create a tailored email to a business prospect from their Linkedin profile page to increase your email response rate and sell more.

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Generic cold emailing can be difficult and often ineffective in getting responses from potential leads, as the average response rate is only 1%. However, hyper-personalizing emails can increase the response rate to 40%. The challenge is that personalizing emails for each lead take time and effort. Fortunately, this tool is here to help.

How is the email generated hyper-personalized?

The generated email includes a summary of the sender's (you) product, addresses possible recipients' objections and KPIs, and includes a clear call to action. The tool also considers the recipient's title and experience level. It adjusts the level of jargon to make the email easy to understand, positive and engaging.

Why is this tool better than ChatGPT on its own?

ChatGPT is a language model that can talk like a human and has learned a lot from reading text on the internet over the past years. Although very advanced, it may have yet to have the latest information about a specific LinkedIn profile or your product description. is a data company that provides up-to-date information, and they have trained ChatGPT to produce hyper-personalized emails. Truebase's data is generated by AI, which goes beyond what you can find on LinkedIn. With the help of Truebase's data, ChatGPT can now write super personalized and relevant emails to the recipient.

Where can I use the generated emails?

This tool can significantly increase your cold email response rate and save time and effort. Whether you want to generate leads, build relationships, or increase sales, this tool can help you achieve your goals.

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