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Wissam Tabbara

Founder & CEO

Seattle, WA

Meet our founder

Wissam Tabbara is the founder and CEO of Truebase, located in Seattle, Washington. With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he has founded four startups, including Truebase. Throughout his career, he has helped start new companies and led them to success. Wissam has also been part of two startup exits. Besides being the CEO of Truebase, he is an advisor and mentor to several startups.

Wissam's career in technology began with Microsoft Adcenter, where he was part of the first team that created the platform in 2003. He was a founding member at Symform, the largest peer-to-peer cloud storage network, which Quantum later acquired in 2009. Wissam was also part of the leadership team at Azuqua, a workflow management system that Okta acquired in 2019.

With his past journeys, Wissam possesses a distinctive combination of business skills and technical knowledge that he brings to Truebase. He has a deep understanding of large-scale distributed systems and a strong enthusiasm for machine learning, keeping himself updated with the latest advancements and trends.

Why Truebase?

With his previous endeavors, Wissam was always tasked with customer acquisition. Wissam noticed that most prospecting platforms needed more modern and easier to use. They required a lot of manual work, which was boring and time-consuming. As a tech-lover, Wissam built his systems to make things easier. But he knew he could do even better. So, after acquiring Azuqua, he decided to use the power of AI technology to create something new and amazing. That's how Truebase was born! Wissam wanted to make prospecting simple and efficient for himself and everyone worldwide. And now, with Truebase, he's doing just that.




Eric Browne


Seattle, WA

Eric Browne is a successful entrepreneur and business leader, best known as the co-founder of Smartsheet. Under his leadership, Smartsheet raised over $150 million in funding and went public in 2020. Before founding Smartsheet, Eric worked at Onyx Software Corporation, leading the vertical marketing and alliance teams for Fortune 1000 companies. Before that, he gained invaluable experience working with Fortune 500 clients as a part of Accenture's Strategy Consulting Group. Eric is also an advisor to various startups and holds an MBA from the University of California, further demonstrating his expertise in the business world.


Marius Ciocirlan


Seattle, WA

Marius Ciocirlan is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in the tech industry. He is currently the Managing Director at Techstars Seattle, leading and mentoring startups to success. Before this, Marius founded Sharegrid, an online platform with over 150,000 users managing over $1 billion in equipment. Backstage later acquired Sharegrid. Marius is also known for designing Groupon's mobile apps, which have achieved over 100 million downloads. With his extensive experience and expertise, Marius continues contributing significantly to the tech ecosystem.

Our Backers

Truebase raised ~$2M in a seed round. The funding came from prominent angel investors with leadership positions in revenue organizations like Amazon and Microsoft. These investors are in various cities, including Seattle, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, and London. This strong network of investors is a testament to Truebase's potential to disrupt the sales industry and drive significant growth in the coming years.

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