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Skip the spray-and-pray approach with our AI Agent! Effortlessly build targeted lead lists to pinpoint potential buyers most likely to convert. Automate the entire process with no manual and repetitive work required. Get started in minutes and watch your efficiency soar as Truebase does the heavy lifting for you.

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Topics, not Keywords

Describe what you're looking for, and let Truebase do the rest. It will search for alternative words to match you with the right profiles, regardless of the terminology used.


Full Spectrum Search

Truebase streamlines your search by combining traditional company filters and direct website searches into one seamless process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


All-In-One Data Solution

Truebase consolidates over 500 million profiles and 20 million companies from 10+ providers, offering the most extensive, up-to-date demographic and firmographic data in one place.


Custom Filters, Precise Results

Go beyond standard filters with Truebase! Build AI custom filters on the fly so you can quickly zero in on exactly what your unique business needs, all without the usual hassle of manual searching.


Smart Lead Scoring

Generate a lead prioritization score tailored to your rules so you can focus your efforts on buyers most likely to purchase, optimizing where you spend your valuable time.


Train our AI once and watch it create your buyer lists every week effortlessly!

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