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Waterfall Contact Discovery

Streamline your lead discovery with Truebase's automated waterfall approach, which scours multiple providers to find and verify contact information. This rigorous cross-check ensures you can reach confidently, significantly improving deliverability rates and enabling you to execute powerful multi-channel campaigns effectively.

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Automated Contact Search

Streamline your contact discovery with Truebase's waterfall approach. Our system automatically switches from one provider to another until it successfully finds the contact details you need, saving you considerable time and effort.


Effective Contact Strategy

Truebase crafts an efficient strategy by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of contact providers based on seniority, industry, and location. We optimize contact discovery across multiple providers, ensuring you find the correct information cost-effectively and can confidently reach out.


Real-Time Employment Check

Minimize outdated outreach with Truebase's real-time employment verification. Ensure recipients work where you think they do, letting you always put your best foot forward with accurate, timely information.


Automated Debounce Check

Boost your email deliverability with Truebase's automated debounce service. Verify contact details across providers to ensure emails won't bounce, all without extra subscriptions or manual hassle.


Deploy automation to discover accurate contact details, ensuring confident and effective outreach.

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