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Hyper-personalized messages, delivered

Maximize your email deliverability and conversion rates by personalizing each message without the manual hassle. Truebase AI automates the creation of custom pitches tailored to each recipient, saving you time while you retain full control over messaging. Efficiently manage delivery, whether sending messages yourself or on behalf of someone else and scale your outreach effortlessly.

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One-to-One Personalized Messages

Quickly personalize pitches with our AI agent that reads recipient details on LinkedIn and crafts unique sequences tailored to resonate better with each individual.


Enhance Deliverability

Boost your deliverability rate with our AI agent that rewrites messages using different words, ensuring they bypass spam filters and reach your recipients effectively.


You drive, AI Assist

Maintain control over your messaging strategy by drafting templates you're familiar with, then enhance them with AI-generated parameters and tailored calls to action, ensuring each message hits the mark.


True to Your Brand

Define the tone and brand that best represent your business, and let Truebase's AI agent maintain that consistency across all communications, ensuring your business's unique voice is always heard.


Automate Email Delivery

Connect your email to Truebase and let us handle the delivery. Track campaign stats effortlessly and receive notifications when someone shows interest so you can step in and seal the deal.


Deploy AI to write personalized messages under your control and only step in when needed.

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