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What is Truebase?

Think of Truebase as a tireless, brilliant teammate joining your B2B GTM team, always on, handling the grind to get you more customers around the clock.

With Truebase, you don’t need many internal or external sales representatives doing repetitive and tedious prospecting tasks. Your AiSR will find, qualify, and engage with prospects and let you know when someone is interested in a demo. It's like having a dedicated, round-the-clock team of AiSRs working tirelessly for you, requiring your input only occasionally.


High-impact AI

Truebase brings internet-scale data and the technology behind chatGPT to your GTM strategies, offering scalable and efficient campaigns.

Launch AI Rapidly

Crafted by GTM pros, Truebase lets you effortlessly jumpstart your automation—get up and running in mere minutes!

Set & Forget

Just guide our AI once and let it handle the ongoing operations, keeping strategic and brand control firmly in your hands.

key use cases

Truebase is versatile, allowing you to combine various automation workflows and seamlessly put your campaigns on autopilot.


Activate high-impact AI
in your GTM campaigns quickly

Accelerate growth today! Let Truebase take over the tedious, manual tasks and do the heavy lifting, freeing you up to focus on what you do best: closing deals.

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