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Simplify and automate prospecting to quickly discover potential customers with high conversion likelihood so you can have more time to focus on winning more deals.

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Simple & Complete Search

With Truebase, searches include many sources like websites and job descriptions, not just profiles. You can search using your words, just like talking to a friend.

Users have a distinctive way of portraying themselves and their businesses in their public profiles. With other platforms, searching using filters and keywords can be tedious. With Truebase, just say what you mean, and we will do the rest. You will be surprised how many potential customers you missed since the keywords didn't align.

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Smart Customer Recommendation

Truebase goes beyond a typical database. It is an advanced platform that automatically suggests potential customers similar to those purchased.

Think of Truebase as a personal matchmaker for your business! When typing a few of your customer websites, Truebase scours the internet to suggest potential customers with similar characteristics. With Truebase, you can discover new opportunities and expand your customer base like never before.

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Are you in charge of finding new customers?

Truebase is for you!

Truebase is tailor-made for B2B revenue teams, just like yours. With our all-in-one platform, you can build lead lists to include verified contacts and personalized messages. Truebase seamlessly integrates with the leading CRM and Outreach tools, so you can stay organized and focused on growing your business.


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