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Steer a ChatGPT-style AI to put prospecting on autopilot — only step in when a lead wants a demo.

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I'm continuously impressed with your prospecting solution and its evolution. It's producing high-quality contacts pointing us in the right direction. You're really building something transformational in the lead gen space!


Allen Donaldson

Vice President of Sales

What is Truebase?

Think of Truebase as adding an AiSR to your team, handling all prospecting effortlessly, and continuously booking more demos.

With Truebase, you don’t need many internal or external sales representatives doing repetitive and tedious prospecting tasks. Your AiSR will find, qualify, and engage with prospects and let you know when someone is interested in a demo. It's like having a dedicated, round-the-clock team of AiSRs working tirelessly for you, requiring your input only occasionally.


Maximize Deal Time

Truebase AiSR frees up your schedule from repetitive prospecting tasks, so you can spend more time closing deals where it really counts.

All-in-One Solution

Our platform replaces various prospecting and outreach tools, saving you time and effort on complex workflows and costly software.

Predictable Sales Pipeline

Configure the platform with your demo capacity, and it automatically adjusts outreach for a consistent and predictable pipeline.

How it works?





AI Onboarding

In just minutes, our AI suggests your Ideal Customer Profiles, how to qualify them, and the best engagement strategies.

Review & Tune

Check the AI's lead suggestions and adjust them to fit your knowledge of who buyers are, like training a brilliant SDR quickly.

Set and Forget

Choose your desired number of weekly lead outreaches, and the platform will efficiently manage the rest.

Notification on Interest

When a lead is ready to learn about your product or service, we'll inform you so you can step in and handle the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Choose your desired number of weekly lead outreaches, and the platform will efficiently manage the rest.

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