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Leverage ChatGPT-style AI to boost prospecting and ignite more engaging conversations, resulting increasing demo bookings.

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I'm continuously impressed with your prospecting solution and its evolution. It's producing high-quality contacts pointing us in the right direction. You're really building something transformational in the lead gen space!


Allen Donaldson

Vice President of Sales

Discover More Leads

With our platform, you unearth more leads. We scour websites, job descriptions, and news, not just profiles. You explore using topics not confined to exact words.

Our platform understands everyone has unique ways of representing themselves and their business online. Forget the trouble of baffling filters and precise keywords required by other tools. State what you're after, and let us manage the rest. We reveal potential customers who might have eluded you because their keywords didn't align perfectly with yours.

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Qualify Quicker with AI

Truebase AI swiftly addresses your qualification questions, liberating you from scouring prospects' websites and LinkedIn. Simplify your quest with our intelligent system.

Skillful salespeople verify if an account matches their ideal customer profile before investing time. Typically, they pose 5-8 key questions and utilize various sources, including websites, for answers. Truebase simplifies this process. Harnessing an extensive collection of profiles, Truebase leverages AI to deliver swift responses - 'yes,' 'no,' or 'I don't know.' This speeds up your decision-making process on pursuing an account.

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Personalization Made Simple

Our AI crafts custom messages for outreach across channels such as email and LinkedIn. Truebase guarantees that each message fits the prospect perfectly, boosting your response rates.

Writing custom messages for everyone can be time-consuming. It requires you to understand their company, the person, and how your offer fits best. Often, this complexity results in a generic one-size-fits-all approach, which fails to engage. Here's where Truebase steps in, automating this process, saving valuable time, and increasing your response rates.

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Are you in charge of finding new customers?

Truebase is for you!

Truebase is a versatile tool designed to accelerate the prospecting journey for revenue teams. Understanding that team structures can vary, Truebase adjusts to workflows where either one or multiple teams are responsible for different steps like search, qualification, enrichment, personalization, and engagement.

Additionally, whether the need is to process one lead or multiple leads at a time, work through an app, or use automation like API and integrations, Truebase provides the necessary solutions.


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