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Amplify Search Efficiency

Empower your prospecting journey with Truebase. Our intelligent system comprehends beyond keywords, significantly simplifying and amplifying your search. Break the shackles of restrictive searches and gather multi-source information for a full-spectrum view of your prospects. With Truebase's intelligent AI, locate your ideal prospects faster. Tap into the vast resource of 529 million professionals and streamline your discovery process. Experience the transformation from laborious prospecting to a seamless journey with Truebase.

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Optimized Qualification and Insight

Leverage the power of intelligent AI to make prospect qualification quicker and more efficient. Get instant and meaningful insights into your prospect's businesses, aiding faster decision-making. With Truebase, find potential buyers swiftly, understand their unique problems, and initiate relevant conversations earlier. Our generative AI helps categorize leads, saving you time by identifying other key decision-makers you need to engage with.

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Advanced Contact Integration

Truebase's advanced contact integration employs multiple third-party providers for accurate contact information, with a robust rule engine to optimize results. This lets you connect with cold contacts confidently while protecting your sender's reputation. Our real-time verification solutions ensure you have up-to-date information on your prospects, allowing you to engage them effectively and avoid awkward situations.

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Craft Tailored Outreach Narratives

With Truebase, personalizing your outreach sequence is no longer daunting. We empower you to craft a distinct narrative for each user, maintaining your unique brand voice from the first contact to the closing pitch. We've also integrated proven email frameworks such as PAS and AIDA, allowing you to choose the most fitting strategy. Whether you need to generate single sequences or multiple messages from your CRM, we adapt to your workflow. Our Chrome extension even allows direct LinkedIn personalization, seamlessly integrating with your processes.

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Seamless Integration, Amplified Performance

At Truebase, we believe in effortless compatibility. Our platform is designed to connect smoothly with your CRM and outreach tools, natively or via an uncomplicated CSV file. We also offer seamless integration through APIs and webhooks, aligning flawlessly with your custom workflow. Notably, our platform simplifies Account-Based Marketing (ABM). We handle the details no matter the volume of your accounts or your chosen approach. Swap tracking targets in spreadsheets to identify high-priority accounts that match your ideal customer profile with us.

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