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Intelligent search platform

At Truebase, we have a unique search system that makes finding information easier and faster. Our technology lets you search with ideas and topics, not just keywords. This makes our search system more accurate because it's not just matching words. Plus, we don't just search for people's and companies' profiles; we search for information from websites, job descriptions, and other public sources. It's like having a magical tool already knowing what you're looking for!

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Similar customer suggestion

Truebase has a technology that assists businesses in finding new customers similar to their existing ones. Truebase suggests other possible customers who resemble the Ideal Customer Profile, and users can choose their preferred ones or enable automatic selection. The tool helps businesses understand their customers by identifying commonalities such as revenue and technology usage.

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Targeted outreach support

At Truebase, we have information about people and companies in North America. We have hundreds of details about each person and company and always ensure our information is up-to-date. We can even check to ensure someone still works at a company before you reach out to them. And when it's time to reach out, we can help you personalize your message to grab their attention. Truebase help you make your outreach more effective!

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Simplified workflow

Truebase is a tool that helps you find what you're looking for quickly and easily. We combined account and lead searches into one to save you time. Still, Truebase has a unique way of searching that eliminates repetitive tasks. We also make it easy for you to connect our platform to your favorite CRM and outreach tools. Our lead categorization assistant saves you time by automatically labeling the people you need to talk to.

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