Automate B2B Lead Generation

Truebase continuously aggregates 100+ million data points across the internet to recommend leads in your ICP that are most likely to buy.

checkmarkTruebase AI grows with your company since we constantly learn from leads that interact with your brand.

checkmarkWith our state-of-the-art email and phone discovery capability, contact your prospects with confidence.

checkmarkTruebase integrates with the tools you love, so leads are available where you want them.

Accelerate Your Deal Closings with Truebase

With Truebase, you can identify the key decision-makers and generate personalized notes.

checkmarkTruebase maps the decision-makers, influencers, and economic buyers so you can craft relevant messages.

checkmarkConnect with a warm intro since Truebase pinpoints the best intro path from your network.

checkmarkGet the conversation started on the right foot with personalization notes for prospects, researched by Truebase AI.

Put prospecting on auto-pilot so you can focus on what matters, closing more deals.

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